The Best Neck Massager for Tension Headaches Symptoms: And why you need it.

The best neck massager for tension headaches

Massage for Tension Headaches

If you’ve been searching for the best neck massager for tension headaches symptoms, you may have just stumbled upon your pain-relieving nirvana. Please be seated comfortably, make sure you’re hydrated… and let us elaborate on that statement and back it up with our own, genuine experience of using a neck massager to knock tension headaches on the head.

We have tried and tested many massagers and numerous pain-relieving devices over a number of years and can safely say we found the one that works for us. To be honest, we didn’t set out looking for a neck massager for tension headaches symptoms, we were desperately looking for an occipital neuralgia massager to relieve pain which can often be crippling.

The dramatic reduction of recurring tension headaches was an amazing side effect that became very clear after a week of using the neck massager for occipital neuralgia on a daily basis. In retrospect, it’s not a side effect, of course, massaging and releasing the tight and tense neck and shoulder muscles are always going to have a positive impact on pain.

For us at backpainsleep, muscle tension, stress, and poor posture are the single biggest triggers of our tension headaches symptoms, but there are many headache triggers, some of which are highlighted in the image below. Learning how to break bad habits also plays a pivotal role in preventing tension headaches.

tension headaches cause

Tension Headaches Symptoms

the best neck massager for tension headaches

If you or someone you know suffers frequent tension headaches symptoms in the same areas highlighted in the above image (which paints an accurate picture) then the inexpensive massager we use may work wonders for you at releasing that tight tension band around your head.

Here’s the great news, not only can you can use this massager for tension headache relief and prevention every day without resorting to pain pills, but you’ll most probably feel better and improve your sleep. This versatile massager can be used on other parts of the body too. We use it daily on our necks, backs, calves, and feet.

tension headaches cause

Visual guide to Common Headache Types

Tension Headaches Symptoms

Controlling tension in your neck and shoulders is a crucial step for relieving tension headaches symptoms.

Tension Headaches Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. Discovering how to relax your muscles and free tension is essential for getting to grips with tension headaches symptoms. The smallest of changes can have the biggest impact, for example;

STOP NOW: Do any of these tension headaches symptoms apply to you?

  • Are your shoulders hunched and rounded forward?
  • Is your neck at an odd angle? Is your head protruding forward?
  • Are you clenching your jaw when reading? Are you a teeth grinder?
  • Are you sitting in an uncomfortable position?
  • Are you lying in a weird way… but can’t be bothered moving?
  • Have you drank plenty of water throughout the day?

If you can answer YES to just ONE of those questions you’ll be well on your way to a tension headache, if you haven’t got one already. If you continue with poor neck and shoulder posture, you could be contributing to the development of occipital neuralgia, you DO NOT want that. Find out about occipital neuralgia here.

tension headaches cause


We discovered that tension headaches respond incredibly well to regular, targeted massage. It’s quick and convenient to pop pain pills when you have a headache, but they’re a temporary fix that can have side effects if overused. Using this massager once or twice a day has all but eliminated our tension headaches.

Yes, we still get the occasional headache and take a pain killer because it’s convenient when traveling for example. But 9 times out of 10 it’s because we’ve got complacent and stopped using the massager on a daily basis.

The inexpensive neck massager below has been a god-send for us at times. It works incredibly well and it’s a very, very reliable, inexpensive, and relaxing way to prevent and alleviate tension headaches. We upgraded to the cordless version as soon as it came out, it makes a huge difference not being tethered to a power outlet.

tension headaches cause
An excellent massager, perfect for:


We perform these two exercises when using the massager, adding a little stretch can feel amazing.

occipital neuralgia massage

The magic of this massager lies within its integrated armrests. These give you the option of completely relaxing your shoulders, or applying a little downward pressure to intensify the shiatsu massage. Add these two exercises to your daily massage routine and you can reap the benefits.

tension headaches cause

ESSENTIAL Tension Headache Kit – Checklist πŸ“„

So your quest to find an excellent massager for tension headaches is over. The massager is bringing relief as expected, but you’re still waking up with a stiff neck and headaches?

In our humble opinion, your choice of pillow is the single most important purchase you can make to alleviate neck pain and headaches. We sing this from the rooftops as we cannot stress enough how much impact a change of pillow can have on your neck and head pain. We consider it essential. New generation adjustable pillows are excellent and come in two varieties, shredded and solid foam.

Tailoring your pillow to your personal support requirements can go a long way to preventing pain
. The original BackPod is a sound investment if you suffer from text neck or forward head posture. Click the links below to research the many positive reviews on amazon. We’ve displayed some additional inexpensive massage and trigger point tools that we always have at our disposal, and consider essential pain-busting kit.

Please choose your pillow carefully. Poor posture and neck support = pain. Don’t undo all your good massage work by sleeping on a pillow that’s as compressed as a pancake. It’s mind-blowing how many people suffer from neck pain, dizziness, headaches, and conditions like occipital neuralgia that haven’t changed their pillows for years. When we found our pillow for occipital neuralgia it had a huge impact. We now switch between two types of pillows, solid and adjustable shredded memory foam.

tension headaches cause

Final Thoughts

We think Tension Headaches are in the same bracket as Death and Taxesinescapable. It’s inconceivable to us that someone would never experience any form of headache during their life. Statistics inform us that 80% of human beings will suffer back pain during their lives too, do you think the remaining 20% of all human beings on earth will never have any form of back pain? Not even a twinge?

Saying you have a headache can be perceived as trivial, but if you’re experiencing tension headaches on a daily or regular basis… they’re far from trivial. Frequent tension headaches impact personal, work, and social lives. More and more people are developing occipital neuralgia and text-neck issues because of our insatiable and relentless use of electronic devices.

Now that you’ve found an excellent neck massager for tension headaches, give it a go, use it every day if possible and you may be very, very surprised at the difference it can make. Good luck ;O)


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