The Best Adjustable Pillows For Neck pain? Our #1 pillow picks

best adjustable pillows

What you need to know before buying If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent years and, very likely, a lot of money searching for the best pillows for occipital neuralgia and neck pain. With so many different pillows for neck pain on the market, it’s a nightmare trying to choose which pillow might be suitable […]

Best Exercises for Occipital Neuralgia: 3 Stretches for Pain Relief

The best exercises for occipital neuralgia

Occipital Neuralgia Overview Occipital Neuralgia is a very painful nerve condition with a specific type of headache that causes piercing, throbbing, or electric-shock-like pain at the base of the skull, upper neck, back of the head, scalp, and often behind one eye. An inflamed, compressed, or injured occipital nerve will cause these classic symptoms. Occasionally, […]

Tension Headaches Cause: 2 proven relief methods

tension headaches cause

When researching ‘Tension headaches cause‘ you will have discovered tension headaches symptoms are wide, varied, and very, very common. Frequently described as a ‘squeezing tight band’ around your head, symptoms can be mild, moderate, to very intense. It’s hard to believe that even though tension headaches symptoms are the most common, their triggers are still […]

The Best Pillow For Occipital Neuralgia? We think so

the best pillow for occipital neuralgia

If you’ve been searching for the best pillow for occipital neuralgia, you may just have found it. We’ve spent many years (and plenty of money) testing a variety of support pillows and would like to share our most tried, tested, and highly effective occipital neuralgia pillow with you, hopefully saving your time and money. We’re […]

Occipital Neuralgia Massage: Our #1 Massager for pain relief

occipital neuralgia massage

Welcome. If you are familiar with this horrible condition and simply looking for pain relief, please skip this overview section and scroll down to Treating Occipital Neuralgia At Home where you will discover the most effective and inexpensive type of neck massager for tension headaches. It’s excellent for relieving tension, pain, and headaches quickly. If […]

Tension headaches cause: 5 triggers you can switch off

tension headaches cause

Tension Headaches Cause We all have them, some more than others, but there is a lot we can do to minimize or even stop them in their tracks with a few simple changes. Our lifestyles and bad habits are the leading tension headaches cause. Excessive frowning or repeatedly clenching and unclenching jaws forces the neck […]

Text neck symptoms and causes: 4 methods for relief

text neck symptoms

Your phone may be seriously damaging your health. Text neck symptoms: If you’re increasingly experiencing throbbing headaches, neck pain, pain at the base of the skull and behind one eye with an incredibly tender scalp, your smartphone could very well be to blame. These are classic text neck symptoms that slowly creep up on us […]

Best way to sleep with occipital neuralgia: 5 proven tips

Best way to sleep with occipital neuralgia

Trying to sleep with occipital neuralgia? Finding the best way to sleep with occipital neuralgia takes time and lots of trial and error. If you’re new to this painful condition or researching it for someone else, don’t worry… it is absolutely possible to reduce occipital pain significantly with some simple changes. We’ve spent years living […]

Tension Headaches Symptoms: What are they?

tension headaches symptoms

Every day, millions of people suffer from tension headaches symptoms. Considered the most common type of headache, Tension Headaches Symptoms You may feel a constant ache on both sides of your head. It may feel like your neck muscles are tightening and pressure behind your eyes. Tension headaches symptoms are not usually severe enough to […]

Symptoms of Occipital Neuralgia: 3 simple signs

Symptoms of occipital neuralgia

The most characteristic symptoms of occipital neuralgia are a relentless throbbing or pulsing pain that shoots from the base of your skull and surges upwards over the scalp and often into the back of one or both eyes. In our experience, the pain is usually preceded by a feeling of building pressure similar to thumbs […]