Cervicalgia: Everything you need to know


Cervicalgia Cervicalgia is a painful condition that affects the neck. Your neck has many sensitive nerve endings that are capable of feeling pain. The neck spine connects all the vertebrae in your upper back with your skull and allows for movement and rotation. It’s made up of seven vertebrae: three on either side of an […]

What is cervicalgia? How to prevent and treat it

what is cervicalgia and what can i do to treat it

What is cervicalgia? Cervicalgia is a painful condition of the neck that affects women more than men. It’s caused by pressure on the nerves in the neck or by inflammation of these nerves. Cervicalgia most commonly occurs in older women and can be excruciatingly painful. It’s also tricky to diagnose because it looks very similar […]

What is Cervicalgia? What you need to know.


What is cervicalgia? Cervicalgia is a type of neck pain. It usually occurs in people who spend a lot of time doing something that requires a lot of neck movement, such as typing or reading. The main symptom is pain located on the side of the neck that can radiate to the shoulders and arms. […]