the therapeutica pillow

The best pillow for Occipital Neuralgia and Neck Pain we’ve ever used.

The best pillow for neck pain, ever?

In our humble opinion, the Therapeutica pillow has been the single most important purchase we’ve ever made for helping us get through the night with occipital neuralgia and neck pain.  After many years of searching, buying and throwing away ‘support pillows’ we discovered this amazing pillow for neck pain around 8yrs ago and have never looked back.

Give your neck a break, in your sleep.

We’ve come to consider this pillow a preventative treatment for occipital neuralgia along with exercises and massage because of the significant impact it has on reducing our occipital neuralgia pain. Tense, strained neck muscles need support to relax and relieve pain, which is where the Therapeutica pillow excels. No more guessing how to sleep to relieve our neck pain or occipital neuralgia!  This pillow ‘cradles’ your neck in a wonderfully comfortable and supportive way whilst ensuring alignment, all night long.  If you suffer from occipital neuralgia or neck pain, this pillow could really make all the difference to you as it has for us.  


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