Top 5 Best Reading Pillows for Bed

Best Reading Pillows for Bed
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Are you looking for Reading Pillows for Bed? then do check out this post. Many people like to read in bed, but reading in bed can be very uncomfortable and play havoc with your back and neck pain. A bed reading pillow will help to alleviate pain and make you more comfortable.

It’s ingeniously designed with large yet comfortable arms for reading in bed, watching TV, or even gaming, providing ultimate support to your back.

So, if you really want a comfortable way to enjoy and look good in your bed, look for the best pillow for reading in bed. In this article, we will cover such pillows – Let’s get started:

Why You Need a Reading Pillow For Bed?

Reading in bed without a reading pillow can be a painful affair. Often people wedge a normal pillow behind their backs, but these soon crumple and slide out of position, leaving you with a sore back.

A bed reading pillow provides the perfect solution to this problem. It is designed specifically for this task, so you can be sure that it will provide fantastic support and stay firmly in position.

This means you can enjoy reading for hours on end, without having to shift position constantly, and without ending up with all sorts of aches and pains.

List of the best reading pillows for bed

check out the complete List of the best reading pillows for bed.

  • Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam
  • Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow
  • Malouf Z Foam Filled Reading Pillow
  • Mittagong Shredded Foam Reading Pillow
  • Husband Pillow – Adult Reading Pillow

Top 5 Best Reading Pillows for Bed

Here are some of the top recommendations for the Best Pillow for Reading in Bed based on rating and consumer reviews:

1. Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

The Milliard Reading Pillow is a perfect selection for choosing the best pillow for reading in bed. It’s ingeniously engineered with perfection and excellent for relaxation, elevating legs and arms, and easing back pains. 

It’s manufactured from the sturdiest velour cover and filled with shredded foam so that one can add or remove the foam to get the desired firmness.

Furthermore, it offers different reading positions and comes with a large armrest. The Millard reading pillow comes with a zipper cover and a carrying handle for easy movement. Overall it’s a budget-friendly pillow with guaranteed comfort and coziness.

This pillow weighs around 7.68 pounds with dimensions of 14.96 × 11.02 × 17.72 inches.


  • Customizable as per user comfort
  • Zippered cover for convenience
  • Carrying handle making it portable
  • Eligible for machine washing


  • Its size may feel small to some users.

2. Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

The Vekkia pillow is another huge, soft, and best reading pillow for reading in bed, giving you a feeling of resting in the arms of a giant teddy bear.

This comes with an extra (200g) stuffing to adjust the softness as per their comfort level. It specifically comes with a removable velvety soft top cover that can easily be cleaned by a damp cloth to remove the stains, making it user-friendly quickly.

Furthermore, the dual armrest and convenient arm pocket hold your belongings like a book, phone, or TV remote close to you so that you can’t misplace anything while relaxing. Additionally, this comes with a carrying handle so you can easily move it to any place you want.

This best pillow for reading in bed weighs around 6.25 pounds with dimensions of 15×11×18 inches.


  • Maximum comfort to your back.
  • Inclusive of detachable bungee neck
  • Built-in pocket for storage


  • Expensive compared to other models.

3. Malouf Z Foam Filled Reading Pillow

The MALOUF best pillow for reading in bed comes with a soft velour cover, making it a perfect choice for reading from the bed due to its softness. It is large enough to support even a long heightened or a large framed person. Moreover, the dark grey color complements any decor.

This MALOUF reading pillow is filled with shredded memory foam for maximum support and comfort. The cover features a polyester and rayon bamboo blend, which makes it soft and breathable.

Moreover, it is also effortless to clean with a simple spot cleaning. It comes with a dual armrest. This pillow weighs around 6 pounds with dimensions of 22×35×17 inches.


  • Maximum comfort due to Gel Foam
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Well-knit cover


  • Compressible, not for sleepers

4. Mittagong Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

This reading pillow from Mittagong offers ultimate comfort; it’s perfect for reading in bed and gives you the right level of support. Its thick and soft long arms add support as well as comfort.

Moreover, this keeps your shoulder and back aligned naturally hence relieve any back pain. Its crystal velvet cover feels breathable and keeps one moisture-free.

The neck pillow is adjustable and detachable, so one can personalize the pillow according to the posture they like. The large size of this best pillow for reading in bed provides entire support to the upper body.

An additional side pocket holds your essentials like a phone, glasses, mobile, or a book. It weighs around 7.05 pounds; this Mittagong pillow has dimensions of 21×17×11 inches.


  • Ultimate back and arm support
  • Lean against it while reading or watch TV
  • Thick, Durable, and Long Arm Rest


  • None! It’s great!

5. Husband Pillow – Adult Reading Pillow

If one needs optimum comfort from their bed rest pillow while reading, the husband pillow is your hero as it is one of the best pillows for reading in bed.

As its name suggests, this pillow gives a relaxing reading or working time on the bed. This pillow features shredded memory foam filling combined with a high-quality micro plush cover to give soft comfort.

One of the best reasons to select a husband pillow is its availability in almost 16 colors. Moreover, the detachable neck roll adds another layer of comfort. One huge pocket at the back and one on the sidearm keep your belongings close to you. 

Additionally, with an adjustable loft option, one can customize the softness as per their requirement or comfort level. It weighs around 3 pounds with dimensions of 8.5×15×31.5 inches.


  • Sturdy and served as full form bed backrest
  • Infused with premium quality shredded foam
  • Incredibly versatile and portable


  • Need to fill with extra foam to adjust comfort


So, if you really want to enjoy reading in bed before night, then a bed reading pillow is the answer!

Stay safe, be groovy.

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