Best chair for back pain relief: Bad chair, bad back.

Best chair for back pain relief
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How to choose the best chair for back pain relief?

Are you looking for the best chair for back pain relief? Then read on…

So you’ve bought the perfect bed for your back pain and you’re beginning to leap out of bed in the morning like a majestic Gazelle, living life to the full in the magic of the Serengeti.

With not a care in the world, you trot along the riverbank chasing butterflies, but as the day grows longer, you get slower… and you’re being followed… by a crocodile.  The crocodile follows as you begin to limp, slower, limp, limp… until…


Think of your back pain as the crocodile, preying on you during the day. You have to take steps to keep it from attacking.

If you spend most of the day at a desk, you can undo all your great, supportive sleep at night by simply sitting in a bad, unsupportive, backbiting chair.

Selecting the right chair for your desk, office or home can make a mountain of difference to your back pain.

Simply sitting for long periods of time can place large amounts of stress on the lower back and vertebrae, which alone can result in back problems and pain. Seems counterintuitive that just sitting wrong can wreck your back, but it can and will.

The above SIHOO Ergonomic Chair has superb feedback from backpain sufferers on Amazon. We haven’t tested it yet, but feel it’s worth mentioning as it’s highly configurable and doesn’t cost the earth.

Here then, are the best things to look for when buying a top-notch ergonomic chair for your back pain.

Is the chair a one-height wonder?

You MUST be able to adjust the chair’s height. One-height wonders don’t work.  The seat should move up and down easily enabling you to nail the perfect spot for your height.

Your knees should be slightly lower than your hips and your feet able to rest on the floor, no tip-toes folks.  You instinctively know when you’ve hit the right height spot.

The more the merrier

To customize more, it’s great to have chair parts that can be further adjusted to suit your sit.

Look for ergonomic chairs that enable you to position multiple parts like the armrests, back support, and seat separately.

This is especially handy if other people are going to be using the chair in your absence.  If you’re going to invest in a good chair, you may as well get one as configurable as possible to last you for years.

Note: If someone else is going to be using your highly configured chair, warn them that adjusting your personal settings without asking your permission could result in their untimely death.

Support for hours

Good ergonomic chairs should support the length of your spine. If you’re sitting for hours upon end this is a no-brainer and goes a long way to supporting an already bad back…

and preventing injury or strain to a good one!  Make sure the chair your buying for back pain has excellent upper and middle back support if you need it, even better if you can get them adjustable too.  Don’t buy an ejector seat by accident.

A chair without proper lumbar support is like a shark without teeth. Utterly pointless and it sucks. Not only that, it will destroy your lower back which has a natural curve and we want to keep it that way.  

Make sure the chair supports your lower back’s natural curvature. To this day, it infuriates me why most airlines don’t have adjustable lumbar supports in their seats by default, the same goes for a lot of other public transport too. Check out this article about surviving a vacation with a bad back.

Time to recline

Make sure the backrest can be reclined, this gives you the option of decreasing the load on your lower back when you want to.  

Some chairs recline all the way back, if you want to hang out looking at the ceiling for a bit and give your lower back a break this would be for you, great for home, maybe not for the office… especially if you snore. 

Steer clear of ergonomic chairs that don’t have a recline option, that’s like another shark but this one doesn’t have fins, it’s going nowhere. 

Backpressure is reported to be at its lowest between 110° and 130° recline so it’s 100% worth investing if you can, especially if your pain is predominantly in your lower back. A reclining chair is also an opportunity to have a little massage whilst kicking back.

Wrapping up

First and foremost, it’s your chair so make sure it’s the right chair for you.  You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this seat so make sure it’s comfy with good quality padding that doesn’t take away from your support.

Make sure the edge of the seat doesn’t dig in behind your knees when sat down, you want a little space.

Material – Fabric, leather, Faux Leather, Vinyl… that’s all a personal decision, but air circulation is very important, you don’t want a sweaty back… oh…  make sure you can clean it.

Portability. Make sure you can move it around with ease and that it feels sturdy when doing so.

Stay safe, be groovy

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