Top 10 benefits of a body pillow

benefits of a body pillow
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do you want to know the benefits of a body pillow? then do check out this post. Looking for the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper? Suffer from neck migraine? Custom body pillow? Pain in lower right back? Lower back discomfort?

It’s a full-body pillow that aids sleep by providing ultimate support in areas of the body that other pillows simply don’t reach, so allowing a comfortable position to be achieved with just one pillow.

Anyone can benefit from a body pillow pose, male or female if they have disturbed sleeping problems because of physical discomfort, this pillow works best.

Body pillows can work wonders if you have back or neck pain, pain in the lower right back or lower pain left side as you can mold and shape for total body support.

What Are Body Pillows ?

These pillows are specially designed so that you can comfortably place them in between your knees to sleep better.

You can also use it to rest your upper leg to reduce your hips’ pressure when in contact with the bed. It also helps reduce any twisting of your lower back.

Besides reducing the pressure on hip joints and providing relief to painful knee joints, body pillows also offer the comfort of having something to hug while sleeping, which makes sleeping much better than without body pillows.

List of 10 benefits of a body pillow

  1. Benefits for Side Sleepers
  2. Providing an Ultimate Support
  3. Helps deal with the discomforts of pregnancy
  4. Promotes Blood & Air Circulation
  5. Helps with recovery after accidents
  6. Support while nursing your baby
  7. Provides relief to pressure points
  8. Minimizes tossing and turning
  9. Gives you the benefits of hugging
  10. Helps back pain by improving body alignment

Body pillow pose offers many health benefits, which anyone using it will vouch for! Let’s review some of its key benefits on human health shall we:

  • Benefits for Side Sleepers

People sleeping on their sides tend to place their top leg over the bottom one. Over time, this can lead to the snaking of the spine and collapsed shoulders, which in turn tilt your body.

A body pillow is large enough to provide the support the body requires so that there is no drifting of the body. Moreover, they come in various shapes and fillings to ensure your body has a comfortable fit.

  • Providing an Ultimate Support 

If you spend half your night adjusting your pillow for a comfortable night’s sleep, you may end up sleeping in wrong positions. A body pillow provides the right support at comfortable places so that you get a good night’s sleep without any disturbances.

  • Helps deal with the discomforts of pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and looking for how to use a body pillow, then you might want some facts about it – Right? Actually, pregnant women have the additional problem of accommodating their babies while sleeping.

While you may want to sleep in one position, your baby may have other plans and want you to sleep in another position. So you end up frequently changing positions to get a good night’s sleep.

With a body or maternity pillow, you finally find the perfect sleeping position which supports your back for more comfort while sleeping.

  • Promotes Blood & Air Circulation

People with air and blood circulation problems find body pillows advantageous at aligning all body parts so that your blood circulates in the right direction. The pillows can also be used to raise yourself and increase your body’s oxygen levels.

  • Helps with recovery after accidents

The recovery process after an accident is a difficult phase. You want to sleep but can’t sleep comfortably because of the pain. This is where these pillows can help, at soothing the accident pains and also improving your stability again.

While there’s no one-stop solution to deal with accident recovery, and there’s no guarantee for a body pillow pose giving you a good night’s sleep, it at least improves the quality of whatever sleep you get!

This is because you can wrap your body around the pillow any way you like and the pillow thus helps you sleep, and fall asleep.

  • Support while nursing your baby

A body pillow not only gives a pregnant woman a good night’s sleep, but it can also provide the necessary support while nursing and feeding your baby. However, if you want a pillow specifically for nursing purposes, a C or U shaped pillow is a better choice.

  • Provides relief to pressure points

Your hips can feel uncomfortable and painful without the right support from the mattress. You thus end up shifting your sleeping position and end up with poor spinal alignment and with your arm under your pillow; it gets squished and feels numb when you get up.

This is more prevalent in people with broad shoulders as you tend to twist and sleep with your shoulders leaning forward or even fold the pillow in half for more height and support. All this can be avoided and prevented if you know how to sleep with a body pillow!

You just have to place it along your body and in between your knees for support and alignment instead of falling into uncomfortable sleeping positions. We also recommend these fantastic massagers for pressure point therapy.

  • Minimises tossing and turning

If you find it difficult finding the right sleeping position, your body ends up uncomfortable and restless trying to find the correct sleeping position. The tendency of moving is reduced if you have something supportive to hold onto, like a body pillow.

While you can hold onto your partner for support, your partner’s body heat makes it even more difficult for you to fall asleep. Moreover, your partner too, will be moving in sleep, which can end up disrupting your sleep.

So no matter how huggable your partner may be, a maternity pillow is always the better choice for support while sleeping while minimizing tossing and turning.

  • Gives you the benefits of hugging

A hug makes anyone feel safe and happy and holding onto a cushion at night, replicates this sensation and make you feel peaceful while sleeping.

If you are one of those who find it difficult shutting off your mind to get comfortable and cozy under the sheets, hugging a pillow turns off the extra energy and helps you relax and fall asleep.

  • Helps back pain by improving body alignment

Side sleepers place their entire upper torso body weight on their hips, leading to pain and discomfort. You thus slide your leg forward, and this twisting puts pressure on your back. A body pillow helps relax muscles and keep your body correctly aligned.

With you hugging your cushion between your knees, there is no need for twisting as your weight is evenly distributed, which helps your back pain. You can often find relief from headaches with neck pain and migraine neck pain.

Hence, it’s fair to say that body pillow benefits are countless and can really impact your health, once you have discovered your favorite body pillow pose with it. 

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