kick back.

  • copper infused memory foam, flippable firmness™
  • flawless spine support
  • 10yr warranty
  • proudly made in the usa
  • free fast shipping


the LAYLA® hybrid MATTRESS

With copper-infused memory foam, flippable firmness™, and an individually wrapped coil system that flawlessly supports your every activity, The Layla® Hybrid Mattress is unlike any mattress you’ve experienced before.

Two unique comfort options in one mattress


We call this the Lay-Yeah!

What a bed!  Variable support, copper infused memory foam, two unique comfort options… in one mattress? Yeeeees!  Whatever your sleeping position or support needs, the Layla® Hybrid has got your back. Trying is believing and with a spine tingling 120 night money back guarantee you have nothing to lose… apart from a great nights sleep. Go for it.


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