How to Relieve Sciatica Back Pain in 2021

How to Relieve Sciatica Back Pain

do you want to know How to Relieve Sciatica Back Pain? then do check out this complete post to learn more. Sciatica… or ‘back agony leg hell insomnia misery shock fire’ as we know it by, is when the nerve roots in our lumbosacral spines are being compressed.  Great. The fun doesn’t stop there… the […]

Back to work: Sitting with sciatica

Sitting with sciatica

Sitting with Sciatica and lower back pain sufferers know that sitting for long periods is going to bite them in the backside… hip, leg, below the knee, and toes. Like many other humans, I have to sit at a desk hour upon end to make my living and when that nerve pain is relentless, it […]

Top 10 tips for living with lower back pain

10 tip for dealing with lower back pain

Lower back pain is incredibly common and perhaps the greatest reason for calling in sick. Our lower backs support the weight of the upper body and are subject to a relentless mountain of stress, strain, pulls, and pushes, movements like lifting and twisting can quickly cripple us. Four things usually create lower back pain: sudden […]